We dislike plastic as much as you do, but hear us out

We all know not to judge a book by it’s cover, but rather often I find myself at the bookshop, choosing between two books that both have interesting content and yet each time my choice falls on the one with the most appealing appearance.

Now this goes without saying, appearance, or in our case, packaging is almost as important as the content. It is the second factor after quality (which obviously includes taste) that decides which product to pick. This is why we ran face first into a wall when looking through our options of sustainable packaging. Urban Oasis without a doubt is a company that is trying to reduce our environmental footprint, by offering a sustainable option while, of course most importantly, bringing a tasty, tender, leafy green to your table. So why did we facepalm, you might ask? 

Well, after a deep dive into the ocean of packaging choices we realized that nothing out there is comparable to plastic packaging yet. And hear us out, we found everything from biobased and biodegradable materials to dried leafs and reusable packaging systems. As great and unique as these options were, none of them allowed us to do what we’re here for. Store our leafy greens so that their destiny in the best case scenario would not be met in the compost or worse… in the trash can…

What about biodegradable and renewable then?

Today, biodegradable plastic, despite its name, is not really degradable here in Sweden. It requires the non-existing industrial composting. Therefore, the biggest store chains in Sweden made the decision to not accept this type of packaging yet...

The idea of renewable plastics is great as well, but the global shortage of this has made it difficult to find a reliable source. Which unfortunately means higher prices, way beyond what is possible when selling greens today. What’s important to remember here, which often goes unnoticed, is that even if the plastic is made from suger canes in Brazil, it’s still plastic. It’s recycled in the same way as the bags we have chosen.

And while we’re talking about salad bags, there’s also food regulations in place that requires us to use virgin plastic, meaning that we cannot mix alien materiels together. So for now, we must made do with what we can. We are sure that something better will come along soon. And when it does, we hope to be the first to hear about it. Maybe it’s already out there? We’re all ears if it means improving the living quarters for our precious fresh greens.

The moment of Eureka

To make sure that our values of sustainability are not compromised, we had to find a loophole in the system. Yes today we must use plastic. So what can we do to make sure that this plastic will be reused? The question lingered in our heads… And then finally a Eureka moment came - everybody uses zip bags! You know, the ones that we actually buy to store our food in? 

So, while waiting for a yet better alternative to present itself... We decided to design our bag with a zipper in hopes that our bag can be used over and over again. So far the record number of one bag being reused is 9. Give us a heads up if we need to update this number, and of course as all fun competitions go, the person that reuses the bag the most, will win a delicious prize!

Tasty love,
Urban Oasis

April 28, 2021