How does vertical farming work?

For starters, vertical farms are indoors which gives the advantage of achieving a completely sealed-off environment and a highly controlled climate.

To mimic the sun we are using LED lights that are tailored to specific plant needs! The crops in vertical farms usually grow in either hydro (water), aero (air) or aquaponics (combining a fishpond with a hydroponic system). At Urban Oasis we are using the hydroponics method and grow on horizontal planes stacked on top of each other. Other farms use for example zip-grow methods when growing the plants which means that you grow in tower-like structures with vertical openings for the plants.

A great advantage with vertical farming is that the crops are totally clean and ready to be eaten as soon as we harvest them. Also, since the system is so reliable we consistently have high yields, great crop quality and fantastic taste all year round. This makes our planning much easier, and it completely avoids waste.