What are the benefits of growing vertically indoors?

Growing things vertically indoors have many benefits. For one it is very space efficient and directly linked to saving important areas of land for nature and ecosystems. Also, since indoor farms are entirely closed and controlled there is no need to use pesticides, nor herbicides or fungicides.

The plants are completely clean and do not need to be washed before eating. And since we are growing close to where people live there is no need for long transports or lengthy cold storage. This makes us able to focus less on perseverance and more on taste, structure and beauty. Just the way we want it. Oh, and we are saving a lot of water by recycling it so the only water leaving the farm is what is in the plants.

Also, by controlling our plants we are able to predict exactly how many plants that will be ready for harvest at any given time (365 days a year) - and we are able to adjust our production to fit the demand. This is super important because we all really have to stop wasting food. Waste is just not part of the future.