Why are you still using plastic packaging?

When we did our rebranding last year and designed new packaging we did some pretty deep investigations into the world of sustainable packaging. And there are some great examples out there, everything from entirely biobased and biodegradable materials to dried leafs and reusable packaging systems.

However when considering what we are actually aiming to package - tender leafy greens that have to stay fresh and tasty in order not to meet a crucial destiny in the trash bin or at best in the compost - we were left with little choice. Until today there is no other material that qualifies at the same level as plastic. At first we were taken back by the fact - seriously no other alternative?

But then we thought - among the most sustainable options available out there must be the packaging that is reused right? So, while waiting for a yet better alternative to present itself we designed a bag with a zipper. Like the ones you actually buy to store your foods in.

So if you’re buying our greens, we hope you’ll reuse the bags. We have tried and the record number of uses of one bag is up until now 9 times. Please give us heads up if we need to update the record. We will award you with a nice prize. And, of course if you know of any commercially available alternatives to plastic we are all ears, let’s do this together.