Krispig, mild och frisk

Alla förtjänar en riktigt frisk grönsallad då och då. Krispig och mild passar den här vardagshjälten toppen som sallad med olivolja och vitvinsvinäger. Också bra att ha till hands när det ska göras wraps, tacos, vårrullar, hamburgare, raclette och utflyktsmackor - ja ni fattar.



Our kale has a crispy and nutty character full of flavor. Its small leaves are beautiful in salads. It is also great in stews, smoothies or as oven-roasted chips. The stems are so brittle you don’t have to cut them off! More food - less waste.

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Pak Choi

RICH, elegant and Juicy

Our rising star. So far a well kept secret, but it's time to welcome her to the main stage. Great as the main ingredient in salads with sea salt flakes and olive oil. Also fantastic in stews, bowls and wok with sesame oil and soy sauce.

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CRispy, mild and fresh

Everyone deserves a really healthy green salad every now and then. Crispy and mild, this everyday hero is perfect in a salad with olive oil and vinegar. Also a great companion when making wraps, tacos, spring rolls, burgers, raclette or sandwiches.

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