Vertical Farming

More food on less space

Vertical Farming

What's vertical farming?

Vertical farming is a growing technique where you make sure to use the height of the space you are growing in to grow more. We for example, grow in trays stacked on top of each other in a big shelf-like structure.

It allows us to get large harvests even if we use a small space. Thererfor, vertical farming is a good alternative for unused spaces in urban areas - exactly like our underground farm deep down in the caves of Liljeholmen, in central Stockholm. Since we grow below ground, we replace the sun with LED lights and we do not use any soil, but farm in water that we circulate. This way we make sure to be as resourceful as we can with what we have. 

Vertikal odling

Benefits with vertical farming


We have created tailormade recipes on light, air flow and nutrients setting the optimal conditions for each and every plant to grow and develop their finest taste.

Short transports

Since we grow where people live we avoid long-distance transports. To us, it seems unnecessary to import leafy greens from south of Europe when we can grow our own close to home.

Consistent harvest all year around

In the world of wonderful underground there is no bad weather, no dry seasons or heavy winds. This gives us a constant harvest of high quality greens all year round.

No Pesticides

We grow in a completely closed system so there is no use for pesticides or other protective chemicals. It is just so much nicer to skip using chemicals on things we are going to eat.


We harvest at peak when the plants are at its absolute best. Then we work hard to make sure our greens reach the stores in no time - because let’s admit it - sallad does taste best when it is just newly harvested.

Like to come by?

Right now we are closed to visitors due to the pandemic and current restrictions. However you are more than welcome to contact us anyways - at some point in time this will be over and then we are more than happy to show you around. Stay safe!

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